art history meme: 6/8 artists

Eva Gonzales (April 19, 1849 – May 6, 1883; Paris, France) was a French impressionist painter of Spanish descent. She became Edouard Manet’s only student, in 1869, for a short period. Though influenced by his teaching, she soon developed her own style. She also modeled frequently for other members of the Impressionist group. She died in childbirth at the age of 34. 


Painting by Bernard Frize

Edouard Manet, The Suicide (1880) 

11th January 1980: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Arctic Wonderland by Sarah Anne Johnson

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Designer Ben Noe recently completed a series of seven embroi­dered patches for Next Level Expeditions, which illus­trate the tallest sum­mit on each con­ti­nent. There’s three ways for you to buy: the Next Level Expeditions storeEtsy and Ebay.

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Portrait of Julian by Alejandro Maestre.

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Mt. Everest Expedition Team, 1924